Our mission is to advance the study and understanding of ancient African civilizations, while promoting a greater appreciation of the ancient Africans' historical and cultural heritages.

We accomplish our mission by:

As an organization dedicated to public service, we affirm that our understanding of "public" is truly inclusive -- that people of all backgrounds, ages, and viewpoints are made to feel welcome, and that Museum Africa actively makes its resources, programs and services accessible, especially to those who remain under-served. We are committed to creating full access and opportunity in the areas of recruitment, employment, promotion, and work assignments.

We serve the public as we would wish to be served: With a sense of pride, with professionalism, with courtesy, and with a commitment to excellence.

Realizing that communicating openly, honestly, and with integrity is vital to fulfilling our mission, we readily share knowledge with constituents and co-workers, and recognize the responsibility of each of us to stay informed.

As a relatively small institution with a wide-ranging agenda, Museum Africa's success flows directly from the quality of each staff member's contribution, and from a genuine spirit of cooperation and teamwork based on courtesy and mutual respect.