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n addition to funds we may receive from Federal and State grant assistance, Museum Africa needs the help of its members and others to assure that the story of Africa's ancient past and the people who lived through it is told to future generations, especially the children of African ancestry. Museum Africa, in addition to exhibits, will include classroom space and comfortable year-round areas for teaching and learning. Your dollars can bring this dream to reality.

Completion of the museum and library

By the summer of 2016, we anticipate the completion of the 300,000 sq. ft. Museum Africa complex. To accomplish this, your help and/or dollars are required! Funds are needed for bricks and mortar, steel, glass, and other construction material. This state-of-the-art facility provides for a theater, lecture hall, scores of computers and research devices, a restaurant and a book store. An arboretum that divides the museum and library and also functions as a mini-conservatory and botanical garden is also part of the design.

Telling the fascinating history of ancient African Civilizations

Funds are also needed to underwrite scholarships for dedicated students of African archaeology, history and linguistics. In addition, we need funds for costuming costs for living history programs for the Museum campus, and matching funds for the cost of exhibits, collection of books and artifacts, archaeological digs in Africa, and for our signage program. Donors to the signage program will receive recognition on permanent, colorful, all-weather metal placards.

Archive and Curatorial Section

Reaching our goal will result in the construction of a curatorial and archive center with office space to house Museum management, genealogical services, and an up-to-date archival facility. The Museum and Library structure itself will, of course, house the extensive photographic, document, and artifact holdings of Museum Africa, while providing an up-to-date curatorial shop for preparing new exhibits and restoration of artifacts.

Improved Accessibility

Full accessibility to persons with disabilities to all Museum facilities will be ensured. This will include an elevator for both the Museum and Library, a chair lift and handicapped lavatories in all other campus sites. This will also include the design and construction of a tree-lined drive to allow visitors to access the Museum Africa campus from the main thoroughfare or Expressway.

Geneaological Memorial Wall

Museum Africa is expected to draw many visitors from around the world seeking information about their African roots and other geneaological information. For those who wish to honor family ancestors will be able to do so with the making of a special plaque which will be displayed on an outdoor "Memorial Wall" on the Museum campus. The plaque will trace—through DNA and geneaological records—the African roots of a number of African-American families. With a minimum donation of $100.00, names and/or names and locations of where donors' ancestors came from in Africa can be displayed. It is a way for thousands of families in the African diaspora to reconnect to their African past.

Donor Recognition

Naming Opportunities

Those individuals and firms that can afford it have a unique opportunity to name rooms and facilities. A contribution of $100,000.00 or more will allow the naming of rooms or facilities in the archival/curatorial center, museum exhibit rooms, library, or other areas. A challenge grant of $1 million or more will allow the Archival/Curatorial Center facility to be named for the donor. For additional information please contact our offices.

Design Competition for Memorial Wall

The Memorial Wall will be located on the lawn near the Museum and will be accessible to all passers-by 24 /7. A design competition will be mounted in late 2008 for a design for the wall.

Donor Recognition Board

Donors of $1,000.00 or more will be recognized by their inclusion on a permanent donor board at the Archival/Curatorial Center.

Donor Categories
Heritage Gift
$500,000.00 or above
Legacy Partner
Friend of Africa
Director's Club
What I Can Afford!
Up to $999


The way that you can help our cause and give to the Museum Africa Capital Campaign will be based on the size of your gift and your financial situation. Staff at Museum Africa Foundation, in particular, Lisa Smith, Development Director, will be glad to assist you in planning the type of contribution that make the most sense for you. All gifts to Museum Africa are tax deductible and may qualify for an Illinois Tax Credit.

Gifts of Cash

Give a one-time cash contribution or make a multi-year pledge with scheduled payments that are in synch with your budget. Checks are to be made payable to Museum Africa to qualify for the Illinois Tax Credit.

Appreciated Securities

There are distinct tax advantages for the giving of appreciated securities to our capital campaign. An generous income tax deduction is allowed for the full market value of the securities, and the donor does not pay tax on the appreciation.

Planned Gifts and Bequests

If you are interested in making a bequest or other deferred gift to the Museum Africa Capital Campaign, please contact the office at 312-324-0114 and ask for Lisa Smith.

Regarding all of the above you may also email us at

Museum building
$25 million
Library building
$20 million
Acquisition of collections
$3 million
Living History Program
Archive/Curatorial Center
$1 million
Disablities Access
Landscaping and sculptures

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