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News from the Garden

Sony"s nature sound effects added to Botanical Gardens

Thanks to the Sony Pictures Sound Effects™ Series, a sense of realism will be added to Museum Africa's Botanical Gardens when completed. The animal sound effects library features many of the sounds of the animals that populate the rainforests of Africa.

The Sony Pictures Sound Effects™ Series is a comprehensive collection of professional grade sound effects and dynamic audio design tailor-made to help elevate any production to the content quality standards of the Hollywood entertainment industry. The sounds in this series were hand-picked from Sony’s expansive archives, one of the most recognized and respected in cinema.

More than 2,300 effects are included in a wide assortment of categories.

African safari adventure in Chicago

Taxidermy animals add more realism to Garden

Visitors to Museum Africa's Botanical Gardens will have a chance to roam with wild animals and see some of Africa's most beautiful plants and flowers when they sign up for a simulated safari trek through the garden's indoor-outdoor theme park.

Among the scenes are yawning hippos and hissing crocodiles, who can be seen in their natural habitats as safari-goers ride in a rugged safari vehicle that circles the twelve-acre park.

On the journey, a knowledgeable guide will share little-known insights on the majestic animals on view as well as the general operation of the park.

Candid Photo Ops

Professional photographers will also be available to take pictures throughout. At the end of the expedition, safari-goers will receive a CD and a complimentary souvenirs loaded with memories.

(Ré)écoutez la chronique de FRANCE INFO : Rokia @ Festival du Bout du Monde

Direction la presqu’île de Crozon en Bretagne où démarre ce vendredi le festival du Bout du Monde avec en tête d’affiche la chanteuse malienne Rokia Traoré.

Cette année, Rokia Traoré a fêté ses 15 ans de scène. Elle qui a longtemps vécu en France est retournée au Mali il y a 5 ans où elle a enregistré son dernier album. « Cela fait quinze ans que je fais cela. En plus j’ai grandi dans le voyage. L’inhabituel pour moi, c’est de rester à la maison » explique la chanteuse qui enchaîne les festivals comme celui du Bout du Monde.. Read more