hen people ask, "Where is Museum Africa located?" we, at Museum Africa, invariably respond: "Museum Africa is more than a place; it is an idea." That will be our answer even after the brick and mortar museum (as rendered above by architect Jeff Peltier) is built! We say Museum Africa is an idea because the underlying idea behind the museum is the creation of a repository for the culmination—a synthesis, if you will—of all the pride, hope and accomplishments of thousands of generations of African people. Unlike, say, Greeks, Italians, Arabs, Chinese and Indian peoples, who have countless monuments from their ancient past to marvel and revere, African people have nothing that acknowledges the achievements of their ancient ancestors. Museum Africa will fill that void.

Obviously, we aren't there yet. We believe the full story of Africa's development has yet to be told. How can it be told when thousands—perhaps millions—of important artifacts lay buried, for centuries, beneath Africa's hot sands or stored in dark caves throughout the continent? We thus invite you to visit this website often to suggest and/or send information about artifacts and information that can be included in our collections. We also invite collaboration with archaeological societies, museums, colleges, universities and students of anthropology, archaeology, history and linguistics to help us grow our collection. We'd like nothing better than to mobilize and then organize thousands of people to take part in archaeological digs all across Africa.

Our intent is to significantly change the conversations about Africa from conversations about a continent and its people depending on the rest of the world for sustenance and guidance to conversations about Africa as a continent whose ancient civilizations were interrupted and destroyed before they could reach their apex as the enduring model for human ingenuity and forbearance.

The pages on this site are a hint of things to come, of what can be. You can play a big part in making the idea into reality by donating in the form of in-kind donations, money or volunteering. Simply send an email to our Membership Department indicating your desire. Thank you!